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Surface Design
In My Garden Fabric Group
In My Garden Anchor
Sun and Bees Companion
Stripes & Flowers Companion
Rabbits in the Garden Patch Companion
Sky & Wind Companion
Garden Herbs Companion
In My Garden Shelf Pattern
Fleece Angel Fabric Group
Angel & Trees All Over
Angel & Stars All Over
Angel Snowflakes Detail - Blue Angel
Snowflake Angels Detail - Green Angel
Angel Snowflakes Detail - Pink Angel
Angel & Stars - Blue Angel Detail
Angel & Stars - Green Angel Detail
Angel & Stars - Red Angel Detail
Angel & Trees - Crimson Angel Detail
Angel & Trees - Berrybranch Angel Detail
Green Angel Detail
Live, Love, Work Fabric Group
Live, Love, Work Anchor
Ladybug Toss
Alphabet Toss
Small Icon Check
Large Icon Blocks
Angel Music Fabric Group
Angel Music Scenic Anchor
Angel Music Toss
Clouds & Flowers All Over
Crazy Quilt Pattern
Instrument Toss
Leaf & Flower Stripe
Miscellaneous Fabric Groups created while working at
Carol Endres, Inc. - Copyright Carol Endres, Inc. 2003
Seasons of 1823 Sampler Anchor
Karen L. Wade/Wade Art Studio copyright 2015.  No art
on this website may be reproduced without the written
permission and consent of Karen L. Wade & Wade Art Studio.
Cabbage Patch Companion
Herbal Companion
Seasons Alphabet Toss
Seasons Daisy
Seasons of 1823 - Fall
Seasons Plaid
Seasons of 1823 Shelf Pattern
Seasons Toss
Most of these images were scanned from actual fabric samples,
therefore they show a moire pattern in these smaller sizes.  Please
double-click  to enlarge and lose the moire.  Thank you.
Click on an image to enlarge.