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Now the Lord spoke to Moses,
saying, "See, I have called by
name Bezalel...and I have filled
him with the Spirit of God in
wisdom, in understanding, in
knowledge, and in all kinds of
craftsmanship, to make artistic
designs...that he may work in all
kinds of craftsmanship.  And
behold, I Myself have appointed
with him Oholiab (to help him
complete the work) and in the
hearts of all who are skillful I have
put skill..."              Exodus 31:1-6
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Karen L. Wade/Wade Art Studio copyright 2015.  No art
on this website may be reproduced without the written
permission and consent of Karen L. Wade/Wade Art Studio.
 Born in 1957 to a family that en-
couraged my interest in creativity, I
began drawing as soon as I could
hold onto a pencil.  By the age of 5 I knew I would:
"go to college and become an artist."

In 1981 I completed my Bachelor Degree in Fine
Arts Studio from Indiana University-Bloomington.  
Since then I have worked in various capacities in
the commercial arts; as a designer, head designer,
art director and freelance illustrator/designer.  

After nearly 30 years in New York State, I have
returned to family ties in Indianapolis, Indiana.  
Having always hoped to pursue a voice in fine art,
I have re-invented my studio with its opening in
Indianapolis in 2015.  So sure, you will see
examples of illustration and design work on my
site, but you will also see increasingly more
examples of fine art on my pages.

My work pays homage to the dance of light, color
and composition, no matter the medium in which I
work.  I am drawn to visual beauty and complexity
in any form and seek to create artwork that will
captivate through the use of highly saturated, rich
colors laid on in many layers.  Dramatic light,
reflected light and unique decorative details also
play their roles in engaging the viewer in a way that
delights the eye.  Often there is a story behind the
art that suggests and invites the viewer to imagine
the plot.  Whimsy is a strong motif in much of my
work, retaining a child-like sense of fun and

I hope you enjoy the samples of work on my
website. Please check back often for new work.  I
can be reached at klwadeArt@yahoo.com.  Thank